Hit Me One More Time
Nostalgia reflection show that looks at the things we loved as kids to see if they still hold up today.
9 days ago

#70: Halloweentown II: Kalabar's Revenge

Mae joins David and Nick as the madness continues.

17 days ago

#69: Halloweentown

Nick and David are trapped and must talk about Disney Channel Original Movies.

22 days ago

#68: Spongebob Squarepants w/ Ariel of Areas of Interest

Ariel joins us to talk everyone's favorite sponge.

1 month ago

#67: National Treasure w/ Mary-Kate of Socially Plagued Pod

Mary-Kate joins us on a treasure hunt accross America

1 month ago

#66: The Wizard w/ Joe Meyer

Joe brings this late 80s video game movie to the show.

1 month ago

#65: Angry Beavers w/ Jaymes of Get the Crusts

Jaymes brings this Nickelodeon show from the late 90s for discussion!

1 month ago

#64: Dark Cloud w/ Kyle Erickson

Kyle returns with this RPG video game.

1 month ago

#63: ReBoot w/ Alex Albisu

Alex joins us to talk this 90's computer animated kids show.

2 months ago

#62: Space Jam w/ DJ of Noise Noodles

DJ joins us to talk this kids sports film starring Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny.

2 months ago

#61: Digimon Adventure Part 2: Evil Elvis and the Funky Bunch

Nick and David continue on their digital journey in the next arc of Digimon.