Hit Me One More Time
Nostalgia reflection show that looks at the things we loved as kids to see if they still hold up today.
12 days ago

Phil and David Talk About Barry: Season 3 Episodes 1 - 3

It's finally happening. Phil and David are walking about Barry!

1 month ago

#78: Horse talk and more with Mae

Mae joins David to talk about whatever!

2 months ago

#77: Dungeons & Dragons (TV Show) w/ Stephen Purple

Stephen brings this 80s cartoon to the show for discussion.

3 months ago

#76: The State w/ Brandon Cruz

Brandon joins David and Nick to talk some 90s sketch comedy.

3 months ago

Schedule Update

Important Announcement to get us back on track!

3 months ago

Spawn (1997) Commentary Track

Watch along with David, Mae, and Nick!

4 months ago

#75: Cowboy Bebop (w/ David of Shonen Flop)

David joins David and Nick to talk this gateway anime.

4 months ago

#74: Jingle All the Way (w/ HMOMT All Stars)

David, Nick, Phil, and Mae tackle this bizarre 90s family Christmas movie.

5 months ago

#73: Spider-Man Unlimited

David and Nick dive head first into this late 90s Spider-Man cartoon.