Hit Me One More Time
Nostalgia reflection show that looks at the things we loved as kids to see if they still hold up today.
4 months ago

#77: Dungeons & Dragons (TV Show) w/ Stephen Purple

Stephen brings this 80s cartoon to the show for discussion.

6 months ago

#76: The State w/ Brandon Cruz

Brandon joins David and Nick to talk some 90s sketch comedy.

6 months ago

Schedule Update

Important Announcement to get us back on track!

6 months ago

Spawn (1997) Commentary Track

Watch along with David, Mae, and Nick!

6 months ago

#75: Cowboy Bebop (w/ David of Shonen Flop)

David joins David and Nick to talk this gateway anime.

7 months ago

#74: Jingle All the Way (w/ HMOMT All Stars)

David, Nick, Phil, and Mae tackle this bizarre 90s family Christmas movie.

7 months ago

#73: Spider-Man Unlimited

David and Nick dive head first into this late 90s Spider-Man cartoon.

9 months ago

#72: Return to Halloweentown

David, Nick, and Mae are joined my MK on the final leg of their harrowing journey.

9 months ago

#71: Halloweentown High

Mae, Nick, and David wonder what it even means anymore.

9 months ago

#70: Halloweentown II: Kalabar's Revenge

Mae joins David and Nick as the madness continues.