Hit Me One More Time
Nostalgia reflection show that looks at the things we loved as kids to see if they still hold up today.
2 months ago

#34: Beyblades w/ Stan

Stan brings this media franchise about tops to the show

3 months ago

#33: Ed, Edd, n' Eddy w/ Jeron

Jeron brings this early 2000s Cartoon Network show to the table.

3 months ago

#32: Star Blazers w/Nicole Davis

Nicole brings this 70s sci fi cartoon to the show.

3 months ago

#31: The Andalite Chronicles (Animorphs)

Nick brings this sci fi children's book to the show.

3 months ago

#30: The Big Green w/ Mae Healy

Mae brings this 90s kids sports comedy to the table.

4 months ago

#29: The Holiday Special

Past guests join us to share what makes this time of year special to them.

4 months ago

#27: The Blair Witch Project w/ Natali

Natali brings this seminal found footage film.

5 months ago

#26: Dragon Ball Z w/ Ian Rowe

Ian brings this action anime to the table for discussion.

5 months ago

#25: Zoids: Chaotic Century w/ Nick Kimball

Nick brings this anime/model kit line to the table for discussion.